Louisiana Pride Grist Mill
We will be grinding "fresh" dried corn starting about September 1st.

Grinding Corn

The corn we use is locally grown and never bulk stored. We get the corn out of the field from the combine, as it is pulling the corn.

If we don't have an immediate sell for the product we make, the next day it goes in cold storage. We don't grind a lot of product ahead of sales. This way it is a fresh as it can possibly be when we sell it.

Corn harvest in my area runs from late August – early September to late October – early November. Corn will keep for months in open air, with low moisture. When the season gets toward the end we store our whole corn in a cooler to extend the freshness period for several more months.

We grind our corn the way it was done in the early 1900's, with a stone burr, wood case mill that was made in that time period.

We have posted some pictures of my mills and some like them on this site.

The products we make from grinding our corn is 100% whole grain, NOTHING is removed. For long term storage, we recommend to refrigerate or freeze to keep freshness.

Dried corn kernels, Our Meadows Mill, Our Stone Ground Corn Meal

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